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網絡形象——Washing Your Web Face  

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Washing Your Web Face
February 17, 2008

When Duke University junior and entrepreneur Jeremy Welch, 21, first typed his name into the Google search engine, information about a light heavyweight boxer from Lawrence, Kan., and a Houston lawyer were among the top results.
当杜克大学的21岁低年级学生、企业家Jeremy Welch,第一次在Google搜索引擎中输入他的姓名时,在搜索结果前列的信息包括一位来自劳伦斯的轻重量级拳击手Kan和一位休斯顿的律师。

Not seeing himself higher on the list, Mr. Welch decided to revamp his online persona. "I created the Jeremy Welch blog so when anyone looks for me online, the first results display a true description of me: student, musician and entrepreneur," he says.
Welch先生因为没有在列表中更高的位置看到他自己,所以决定对他的网上形象进行修改。他说:“我开通了Jeremy Welch的博客,这样当有人要在网上找我的时候,第一个搜索的结果就是对我准确的描述:学生、音乐家和企业家。”

Mr. Welch is among many twenty somethings concerned with maintaining a positive online identity. And for good reason: According to a December survey by Careerbuilder.com, 45% of employers use search engines and social-networking sites to research job candidates. "Googling people's names and looking at Facebook is part of the job review process," says Doyle Albee, new-media director of Boulder, Colo., communications firm Metzger Associates.
在许多20岁的年青人中,Welch更加关注能保持一个更积极的网络形象。同时有充分理由:根据由Careerbuilder.com网站的12月份的调查结果,45%的雇主使用搜索引擎和社交网络网站去研究工作的候选人。Doyle Albee,科罗拉多州梅茨格通讯联营公司的新媒体主任,说道:“搜索人们的姓名和看脸谱是工作面试的一部分。”

Other people go online to check out potential dates or business partners and may be deterred by your fraternity drinking pictures or blog posts about how much you hate your boss. Having an online identity that reflects well on you is critical.

First Step: Inspect

First, inspect what's already out there, suggests Mr. Albee. Review at least the first five pages of results from search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN. If you have a fairly common name, add your middle name or initial, company, industry, hometown and college. Poke around Web sites that aggregate blogs, such as technorati.com and blogsearch.google.com. Create alerts on search engines to monitor new mentions of your name online.
Albee建议首先检查己经有的东西。至少浏览包括Google,、Yahoo 和 MSN的搜索引擎检索结果的前5页。如果你姓名很普通,加上你的中间名或字首、公司、企业、家乡和学校。检索博客聚集的网站,如technorati.com和blogsearch.google.com。在搜索引擎上创建快讯以监察网络中和你姓名相关的信息。

Also review personal Web pages and profiles you control and use privacy settings to limit your most personal material to a specific network of close friends. "Clean your space and wash your face," suggests Tom Drugan, co-founder of online identity management firm Naymz.com. "Remove anything on MySpace or Facebook you wouldn't want your mother to see."
也要检查个人网页和个人资料,你控制和使用个人设置限制你大部分的个人材料,只能被特点网络的好友看到。Tom Drugan 建议:“清理你的空间,清洗你的面容。清除任何在我的空间或脸谱中的内容,这些东西你不想让你母亲看到。”

Ask for Help

If a Web site includes embarrassing or incorrect information about you, ask the site owner to remove that content. Also ask owners to remove the relevant "cached" pages stored on search engines. (The search engines themselves rarely remove Web pages.)

Or, for fees that range from a couple of dollars to thousands a month, online companies including Naymz.com, ReputationDefender.com and DefendMyName.com promise to scrub search engines for you, haggling with Web page owners and helping you create a fresh online identity.
或者,从一个月几美元到几千美元不等,包括Naymz.com、ReputationDefender.com 和DefendMyName.com网络公司许诺能为你擦除搜索引擎、与网页所有者讨价还价、帮助你创造崭新的网络形象。

Another approach is to create so much favorable and accurate content about yourself that any skeletons fall to the bottom of search results.

Create profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Naymz.com, which tend to be indexed at the top of search-engine results. Also, if you have an interest in or work for a particular industry, comment on industry-specific blog posts, articles and book reviews and be sure to add your full name and a link to your profile.
在LinkedIn, Facebook 和Naymz.com网站创建自己的个人资料,这些内容有可能位于搜索结果的顶部。同时,如果你有兴趣或从事某一特殊行业,可以用博客帖子、文章和书籍综述的方式发表评论,一定要加上你的全称和与你个人资料的链接。

Also, consider buying your own domain name, such as Mr. Welch's jeremyrwelch.com. Add links between your pages and include keywords to "raise the tide of your pages on search engines," Mr. Drugan says.
Drugan说:考虑购买你自己的域名,如Welch 的jeremyrwelch.com。在你的网页和关键词之间增加链接,从而能在搜索引擎上增加网页的流量。


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