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ABC Agreement  

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ABC agreement

An agreement between a brokerage firm and an employee detailing the rights of the firm when it purchases an NYSE membership for the employee. It is believed to be known as an ABC agreement because the employee can: A) keep the seat if he/she leaves but must buy another seat for an individual named by the firm; B) sell the seat but return the proceeds to the firm; or C) transfer the seat to another employee of the firm.

Pity, have pity on somebody, the passion is in the risk. Bath robe, air waybill,

She outlooks all her friends. 她比她所有的女友都漂亮。

at a premium 溢价
at cost
以成本价;按收回成本的原则 I’ve also offered an at cost opportunity to use our new service.

 Help others, do not deride. 以帮助他人为荣,以耻笑他人为耻

so far; by now; up to now; up to present; up till the present moment; to date; until now

according to be in line  go by  in accordance with,  in conformity to,  pursuant to,  secundum, per, in the light of,   goodwill,

out-of-pocket 现款支付的,不列入预算的

fine—good to know that., resilience, resiliency, kick-off meeting, tryout, pilot, counterpart, counterpoint, With respect to…, Can you collate this information?

Come over, stop by, visit, tour, jet lag, world courier,

I apologize for the lateness of the reply as there’s a lot of information that has to be gathered. I hope I can continue to groom him.

Date of Entering Office 到职日期 EOD Have a safe, joyful trip out of town.

The goal should be to deliver results to client as fast as we can, as opposed to just meet the deadline. I volunteer you for the news letter editorial board. they may cast doubt over our capabilityPlease check and confirm so that we can move forward with this project.

I'll update you with an outcome. grossly understaff 极度缺人手

Outside of the box thinking, The cast is[are] waiting on the stage.

She smiled shyly,because she knew she would have the last laugh on them. They laughed at us, but look, who will surely laugh last? Crapping, shitting, lease-release,


Straw man:稻草人,假想对手,

Welcome on board and joining in the Genscript/Sanofi-aventis team! The plan was criticized for its lack of rationale. 该计划因缺乏根据而遭到批评。

They choose partners/ assess performance based on (i) quality, (ii) time and (iii) “full amount” (ie. Deliver all what we said we would in the agreed project proposal / “stand up to our promises”). We showed very clearly we are the partner of choice. I particularly liked the good combination of business and science.

“if you pay for peanuts, you will get monkeys”, which sort of means that if you are not willing to pay enough, you do not get what you want. No mention of monkeys on a table J.

DNA2.0 explores novel applications for synthetic genes and is exploiting the synergy between highly efficient gene synthesis process and new protein optimization technologies. We take turns to make presentations. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to pass to me.
So far, so good.

The shortest way is not necessarily the fastest wayWhether it happens in stages or all at once is being considered. He recently returned from a trip in the far east and is catching up on what he missed when he was away.

  • I can't convey my feelings in words. 我无法用言语来表达我的情感。


We debriefed our pilot after he had flown over the enemy’s land. 我方飞行员飞越敌境之后,我们向他询问情况。If we cannot meet the requirement, the client will close the case as a failed project. We found out where the discrepancy is.

Cinderella, bring up, bring up the rear. 恐怖分子劫持飞机clash了世贸,飞机crash了,世贸被smash了,变成了ash, bush感到abash 很多cash才能恢复美国人的信心。


Hold water, make sense, reasonable, This should be something we can handle readily.

To prevent this email newsletter from getting swept up by an overzealous spam filter, please add our "From" address (Investors_Insights@InvestorPlace.com) to your address book. We will honor your request within 7-10 days.

I’ve been thinking about what you said about the communication piece and I agree there’s room for improvement. I do tend to triage some of the questions that come from production as not to inundate you with trivialities and questions that we already have the answers to, but I’ve been pushing the team for more context and detail to their bi-weekly updates. Let me know if there’s anything that we can implement right now.

We’d like a clause citing that the vectors will be destroyed at the end of the project once the viruses have arrived in good order.

It sounds ominous. Bull, cull, dull. Gull, hull, lull. Mull, she came out of nowhere. I guess I owe you an apology. It is all tied off.

  • He’s always grousing about the workload. 他总是抱怨工作量大。

Doctors are having to cope with an everexpanding workload. 医生不得不应付日益增加的工作量。


It was pleasure meeting with you all yesterday for our Quarterly Business Review.  We sincerely appreciate the time you gave to meet with us to review the current status of our partnership.  I wanted to recap the key points and action items from our meeting to ensure we deliver on our promise and strive for continuous improvement.  As a result of the meeting the following actions will be  taken: Due by July 16thper

Pervert, I will not speculate on the reasons why the cells did not thaw well and find it unproductive to engage in the finger-pointing exercise below.


Basel I

A document written in 1988 by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, which recommends certain standards and regulations for banks. The main recommendation of this document is that in order to lower credit risk, banks should hold enough capital to equal at least 8% of its risk-weighted assets. Most countries have implemented some version of this regulation.

Turn Your Summer Sales from Slump to Sizzle?Noticing the lazy, hazy days of summer in your backyard and your inbox? Unfortunately, sales goals don't take a vacation. If you have already confirmed your information then please disregard this message.

He is considered to be of noble origins.人们都认为他出身高贵。

I'm a Chinese by origin.华裔

nature; disposition; temperament; character

an adventurous disposition好冒险的性格



incompatibility of temperament性格不合

have a bright and cheerful disposition性格开朗

He is of a liberal disposition.他性格开放。

Stakeholder’s benefits

Hope you are doing great.


Dividend Reinvestment Plan. An investment plan offered by some corporations enabling shareholders to automatically reinvest cash dividends and capital gains distributions, thereby accumulating more stock without paying brokerage commissions. Many DRIPs also allow the investment of additional cash from the shareholder, known as an optional cash purchase. Unlike with a Direct Stock Purchase Plan, with a DRIP the investor must purchase the first share in the company through a brokerage. After that, the company will take whatever dividends it would normally send as a check and instead it will reinvest them to purchase more shares in the company for you, all without charging a commission. The only drawback is that the investor has no control over when his/her money from the dividends is used to purchase new stock in the company, which means he/she might be buying new shares at sub-optimal times. also called Dividend Reinvestment Program.

Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982

TEFRA. A federal law signed by President Ronald Reagan in 1982 that reversed some of the tax cuts from the previous year's Economic Recovery Tax Act (ERTA). Specifically, the law created a 10% withholding for dividends, repealed accelerated depreciation deductions used by corporations, and increased both the wage base and tax rate for the federal unemployment tax.

Hope you're enjoying your summer and managing to stay cool in all this heat we've been having. Try to absorb as much heat as you can during the summer months because winter will creep up on us sooner than you can think!

In today’s business climate, it is more challenging than ever to grow your business like you need to. 

commercial mortgage-backed security

CMBS. A type of mortgage-backed security backed by commercial mortgages rather than residential mortgages. They are comprised of a variety of loans, each of which represents different property sizes and locations. These loans are pooled and are broken into tranches of risk that are sold to investors. In general, they carry less prepayment risk than loans backed by residential mortgages.

This startling manufacturing breakthrough will stun the medical world, transform the drug industry, and save human and animal lives as never before! It's a breakthrough that will dramatically lower healthcare costs and boost effectiveness of established blockbuster drugs treating

Savvy Stock Investor, savvy, sawied, sawying,

By contrast, A5 Laboratories' interferon (ng-INF) is bioidentical and species-specific. That is, the company can mass produce human interferon for humans; bovine interferon for cows; porcine interferon for pigs; avian interferon for chickens; feline and canine interferon for cats and dogs.

If you do only one thing today, it should be reading the full report on A5 Labratories by SELECTING HERE. Mark my words,…

It is encouraging to hear that enhancements will be coming in the next release. From now on, I will be at your fingertip, helping you with our service when you need it.

spot next

The purchase of a currency that is to be delivered the day after the spot date. The delivery price is adjusted to account for the change in delivery date. For example, a spot one-week contract will result in the delivery of a currency one week after the spot date.


An opinion given by an analyst to his/her clients about whether a given stock is worth buying or not. Wall Street investment firms employ thousands of analysts whose job is to issue reports and recommendations on specific stocks. These analysts typically look at the company's fundamentals and then build financial models in order to project future trends, most notably future earnings. They then use these projections as a basis for issuing recommendations on whether or not they think the stock should be bought or sold. Each brokerage has its own terminology, which makes it difficult to compare recommendations between brokerages, but the most common ratings are (in descending order of quality) strong buy, buy, hold, and sell.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Apple. But I’m not writing to you today to sing Apple’s praises, because my latest recommendation is going to be even bigger than Apple—and Google—combined!.

buy in

A securities-related term referring to a situation in which an investor must repurchase shares of stock because the seller either failed to deliver the shares or did not deliver them in a timely fashion. The buyer notifies exchange officials, who in turn notify the seller of the delivery failure. The exchange assists the buyer in purchasing the stock again, with the original seller having to make up the price difference if the new shares are more expensive than originally agreed to.

You may be feeling between a rock and a hard place right now. How is this market continuing to climb that proverbial “wall of worry” higher? Click the e-mail categories you wish to opt-out of:

direct transfer

The movement of tax-deferred retirement assets from one plan or custodian directly to another. A direct transfer is not a withdrawal and does not incur any taxes or penalties. This allows a person to move his/her retirement assets as many times as he/she wants to plans or custodians that might be more suitable for him/her at that point in time.

Blimey Brian For those of you not familiar with the word “Blimey” it means “WOW I really can’t believe this!”  This undermines that relationship..We want be responsible and give the client a fair assessment about what should be and can be done based on our expertise and experience on this kind of project. "Beterschap" is what we say in Dutch. It means I wish you to get better soon.


A company with a market capitalization of over $1 billion, but below $5 billion (a company with a market capitalization over $250 billion is a giant or mega cap company). There is not exact criteria for using market caps to classify companies, but the general rules of thumb are : a micro cap company has a capitalization of under $250 million; a small cap company has a market capitalization between $250 million and $1 billion; a medium cap company has a market cap of between $1 billion and $5 billion; a large cap company has a capitalization between $5 billion and $250 billion, and companies with even larger capitalizations are mega caps. When calculating the market caps of foreign companies who have issued ADRs in the US, only the outstanding ADR shares are considered, not the shares issued by that company in other countries. also called midcap.

Kick off: John will kick off the sixth annual "Optimizing Cell Culture Technology" meeting with a focus on CHO (Chinese Hamster Ovary). 

American option

An option which can be exercised at any time between the purchase date and the expiration date. Most options in the U.S. are of this type. This is the opposite of a European-style option, which can only be exercised on the date of expiration. Since an American option provides an investor with a greater degree of flexibility than a European style option, the premium for an American style option is at least equal to or higher than the premium for a European-style option which otherwise has all the same features. also called American-style option.


It would be the intention to make this as efficient as possible while preserving quality, controlling costs and not extrapolating from the 100 g pilot to the full 2 Kg scale as multiple parallel approaches would be carried out on the pilot to ensure maximal yield/quality.

I know he only wants what is best for you as the customer and not jeopardize  potentially very valuable resources and reagents.

Your excellent professional communication with the client about our rationale and commitment for this project is also appreciated.

  • What's more, it is outdated. Target and triage leads. Employers are seeking further clarification of the proposals. 雇主们正在寻求进一步澄清这些提案。

I would like to raise your attention on antibody sequencing business.

The boy won't obey.这孩子不听话。

All I had to do now was to obey him in silence.这时, 我要做的只是默默地服从他。


Special Drawing Right. An artificial currency unit based upon several national currencies. The Special Drawing Right serves as the official monetary unit of several international organizations including the International Monetary Fund, and acts as a supplemental reserve for national banking systems. For members of the IMF, the Special Drawing Rights can be used to settle trade balances between countries and to repay the IMF. An IMF member country has to supply its own currency to another member country in exchange for SDRs, unless that country already holds a certain specified amount of SDRs.

corporate structure

A grouping of different positions and departments within a company, which all have separate tasks but work together to operate as one company. Many large companies tend to have similar corporate structures, which often include a marketing department, finance department, human resources department, and information technology department. The hierarchy of job positions is also part of the corporate structure, with a typical structure including a CEO or president, board members, managers, and other employees.

lookback option

Call or put option whose strike price is not determined until the option is exercised. At the time of exercise, the holder can exercise the option at any underlying price that has occurred during the option's life. In the case of a call, the buyer will choose the lowest price, and in the case of a put, the buyer will choose the highest price. The premium on such options tends to be high since it gives the buyer great flexibility, and the writer has to take on a lot of risk.

ex-stock dividends

A security which no longer carries the right to the most recently declared dividend; or the period of time between the announcement of the dividend and the payment. A security becomes ex-stock dividend on the ex-dividend date (set by the NASD), which is usually two business days before the record date (set by the company issuing the dividend). For transactions during the ex-stock dividend period, the seller, not the buyer, will receive the dividend. Ex-dividend is usually indicated in newspapers with an x next to the stock or mutual fund's name. In general, a stock's price drops the day the ex-stock dividend period starts, since the buyer will not receive the benefit of the dividend payout till the next dividend date. As the stock gets closer to the next dividend date, the price may gradually rise in anticipation of the dividend. also called ex-dividend.

insurance company

A company that offers insurance policies to the public, either by selling directly to an individual or through another source such as an employee's benefit plan. An insurance company is usually comprised of multiple insurance agents. An insurance company can specialize in one type of insurance, such as life insurance, health insurance, or auto insurance, or offer multiple types of insurance.

abnormal return

The difference between the return on a stock (or entire portfolio) and the performance of an index, such as the S&P 500. The abnormal return is equal to the market return - the normal return. For example, a stock that provided a return of 10% over the same period of time in which an index provided a 6% return would have an abnormal return of 10% - 6% = 4%. If the abnormal return is negative then it has underperformed the index.

Options Clearing Corporation

OCC. The organization that handles clearing of the options trades for the various options exchanges and regulates the listing of new options. It is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and is owned jointly by the U.S. stock exchanges that trade options (American Stock Exchange, Chicago Board Options Exchange, Pacific Exchange, and Philadelphia Stock Exchange). The fact that all listed options are cleared through OCC means that all options are free of default risk, since the OCC guarantees all option contracts. Therefore, the buyer or a seller of an option only faces the credit risk of the OCC (which is minimal), not the credit risk of the counterparty. In order to manage risk, the OCC imposes margin requirements on all options brokers. The margin requirement depends on the particulars of each specific contract.

They have stockpiled qualities of weapons.他们储备了各种各样的武器。

monetary reserve

A government's stockpile of foreign currency and precious metals. Monetary reserves are useful both for settling transactions involving foreign counterparties and for undertaking trading in foreign exchange and commodity markets. In general, the larger the monetary reserve, the better the country is able to engage in transactions with foreign countries.

trading book

An accounting book that includes all securities that the institution regularly buys and sells on the stock market. These securities are accounted for in a different way than those in the banking book, which are meant to be held by the institution until they mature and are not usually affected by market activity.

indirect investment

A way of investing in real estate without actually investing in the property. Indirect investment can be done in many ways, including securities, funds, or private equity. Most investors interested in indirect investment would do so through a company or advisor who has experience in this type of investing.

default rate

The rate at which debt holders default on the amount of money that they owe. It is often used by credit card companies when setting interest rates, but also refers to the rate at which corporations default on their loans. Default rates tend to rise during economic downturns, since investors and businesses see a decline in income and sales while still required to pay off the same amount of debt.

I will not be on-site at the end of July, and we have many business/scientific leaders on-site to make this visiting effective.

treat one's parents with filial piety. I will update the status twice a week in addition to some urgent update.

book runner

The primary underwriter in debt and equity deals. The book runner works with other firms who will also take part in the deal, allowing for the sharing of risks. For example, a large leveraged buyout might involve several companies, with one company that is responsible for "running" or handling the books.

Series HH bond

Series HH bonds are sold in amounts from $500 to $10,000. They may be redeemed after only six months, and their interest is exempt from state and local taxes. The interest rate at the time of purchase is locked in for the first 10 years that the bond is held. After ten years, HH bonds enter extended maturity and the new interest rate is determined by the rate assigned to new bonds issued at that time.

dividend payout

The amount of cash that a company sends to its shareholders in the form of dividends. The company can decide to send all profits back to its investors, or could keep a portion of it as retained earnings.

permanent life insurance

An umbrella term for a variety of plans that combine a death benefit similar to a term life insurance plan with tax-sheltered savings arrangements. Permanent life policies, as their name implies, are meant to be held and paid into for the duration of the insured's life. Because of this, there are significant fees associated with setting up the policy. Despite these fees, the tax advantages can make permanent life a valuable investment over a long period of time. also called cash value insurance.

cash forward contract

A cash market transaction in which a seller agrees to deliver a specific cash commodity to a buyer at some point in the future. Unlike futures contracts (which occur through a clearing firm), cash forward contracts are privately negotiated and are not standardized. Further, the two parties must bear each other's credit risk, which is not the case with a futures contract. Also, since the contracts are not exchange traded, there is no marking to market requirement, which allows a buyer to avoid almost all capital outflow initially (though some counterparties might set collateral requirements). Given the lack of standardization in these contracts, there is very little scope for a secondary market in forwards. The price specified in a cash forward contract for a specific commodity. The forward price makes the forward contract have no value when the contract is written. However, if the value of the underlying commodity changes, the value of the forward contract becomes positive or negative, depending on the position held. Forwards are priced in a manner similar to futures. Like in the case of a futures contract, the first step in pricing a forward is to add the spot price to the cost of carry (interest forgone, convenience yield, storage costs and interest/dividend received on the underlying). Unlike a futures contract though, the price may also include a premium for counterparty credit risk, and the fact that there is not daily marking to market process to minimize default risk. If there is no allowance for these credit risks, then the forward price will equal the futures price. also called forward contract.

short selling

Borrowing a security (or commodity futures contract) from a broker and selling it, with the understanding that it must later be bought back (hopefully at a lower price) and returned to the broker. Short selling (or "selling short") is a technique used by investors who try to profit from the falling price of a stock. For example, consider an investor who wants to sell short 100 shares of a company, believing it is overpriced and will fall. The investor's broker will borrow the shares from someone who owns them with the promise that the investor will return them later. The investor immediately sells the borrowed shares at the current market price. If the price of the shares drops, he/she "covers the short position" by buying back the shares, and his/her broker returns them to the lender. The profit is the difference between the price at which the stock was sold and the cost to buy it back, minus commissions and expenses for borrowing the stock. But if the price of the shares increase, the potential losses are unlimited. The company's shares may go up and up, but at some point the investor has to replace the 100 shares he/she sold. In that case, the losses can mount without limit until the short position is covered. For this reason, short selling is a very risky technique. For a while, SEC rules only allowed investors to sell short only on an uptick or a zero-plus tick, to prevent "pool operators" from driving down a stock price through heavy short-selling, then buying the shares for a large profit. This rule was eliminated in July 2007.

Success waits on hard work.成功来自勤奋。Please listen while I define your duties.

This file itself may not be suitable for a stand-alone presentation in our meeting. But if perhaps the focus or angle can be changed slightly, this could be a good topic for all of us.

1.  How come? 怎么会?为什么? How come you are late? 你为什么来晚了?

They would welcome if we can shed some light on how to proceed with the project without legal concern. I prefer early morning on the west coast US (e.g. up to 6AM would be fine) than late evening, but will accommodate what is needed.


Thereafter, hereafter, whereafter, henceforth,

toast our friendship cheers, bottom up,

gull, hull, lull, mull, bull, dull, cull,

grace, race; glitter, litter; grain, rain; grope, rope;

lank, flank, plank, rank, crank, frank, prank,

stink, nasty, stroll, ostrich, tryst,   loom, bloom, gloom,   innocent,

They rotate the service types in charge.

Can you be generous while doing business or doing your daily chores?

The More Detail, the Better!


Adapt, adopt, adept, brother, bother, complement, compliment,


He was extremely tired but sleep eluded him. His name eludes me for the moment.

Claim, acclaim, declaim, exclaim, reclaim, proclaim,

Proficient, efficient, sufficient, deficient,

Frugal: 腐乳够节俭的, exhaust, quest, flee, cease, champion, chill, colony, curse, ambition, ponderous,

The punch line in itself and for itself

Hope this suffices.

Better late than never! They stays between us.


An options strategy similar to a butterfly spread. The only difference is that in a condor, the two middle options have different strike prices within the range established by the other two options. This strategy is often undertaken when an increase in volatility is expected, since it allows for positive payoffs over a relatively large range of underlying prices.

unlevered beta

The beta of a company after subtracting out the impact of its debt obligations. Unlevered beta removes the effects of the use of leverage on the capital structure of a firm, since the use of debt can result in tax rate adjustments that benefit a company. Removing the debt component allows an investor to compare the base level of risk between various companies. It is calculated by dividing the levered beta by [1 + (1 - tax rate) x (D / E)], where D/E is the debt/equity ratio.

forward points

The number of basis points added to or subtracted from the spot rate required to calculate the forward rate. A forward points discount occurs when basis points are subtracted from the spot rate, while a forward points premium occurs when points are added. The number of basis points is determined by the interest rates in the market for each currency being traded.

reverse convertible bond

RCB. A type of bond that can be converted into cash or stock at a specific date. Unlike a convertible bond, the issuer, and not the bond holder, has the right to convert the bond. The value of the bond is derived from the underlying shares, making the bond an embedded derivative. A convertible bond can be considered a call option, while a reverse convertible bond can be considered a put option held by the issuing company. If the price of the underlying stock falls below a certain point, the issuer will exercise the option and convert the bond into shares, thus ending coupon payments and principal that the holder would have otherwise received. Bond holders demand a higher interest rate and shorter duration for this type of bond, since the bond holder could wind up with low-value shares instead of the bond.

balloon note

A long-term loan, often a mortgage, that has one large payment (the balloon payment) due upon maturity. A balloon note will often have the advantage of very low interest payments, thus requiring very little capital outlay during the life of the loan. Since most of the repayment is deferred until the end of the payment period, the borrower has substantial flexibility to utilize the available capital during the life of the loan. The major problem with such a loan is that the borrower needs to be self-disciplined in preparing for the large single payment, since interim payments are not being made. Balloon notes are often undertaken when refinancing or when a major cash flow event is anticipated. also called bullet loan or balloon loan.

directed share program

DSP. A plan designed to allow company employees, their relatives, and other parties with a relationship to the company to purchase stock as part of a public offering. The directed share program sets aside a quantity of stock for this purpose which qualified parties may purchase at the public offering price.

momentum indicator

Technical analysis indicator which seeks to predict future market trends based on recent price and volume data. It compares the current price of a security to the price a selected number of periods ago. This number represents the rate of change of the security's price over that given time period. It allows the analyst to see where the current price stands in relation to historical trends, and determine his/her strategy based on this analysis.

credit scoring

A statistical technique used to determine whether to extend credit (and if so, how much) to a borrower. Credit scoring is often considered more accurate than a qualitative assessment of a person's credit worthiness, since it is based on actual data. When performing credit scoring, a creditor will analyze a relevant sample of people (either selected from current debtors, or a similar set of people) to see what factors have the most effect on credit worthiness. Once these factors and their relative importances are established, a model is developed to calculate a credit score (a number indicating how credit-worthy the applicant is) for new applicants. The officer inputs applicant-specific information for each variable in the model, and can thus find out how credit-worthy he/she is. Developing a credit scoring model is usually a time-consuming, complicated process given that creditors often have to look at a large sample and consider many different variables. Thus, these models are usually developed at the firm level as opposed to the individual credit office level. Some of the factors considered when developing a credit scoring model are outstanding debt, the number of credit accounts maintained, age, income, credit history, etc. As required by the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, a credit scoring model cannot consider race, sex, marital status, national origin, or religion. If age is considered, the analysis should be such that older people are given equal consideration in a credit application.

The price is subject to supply and demand.


A physical substance, such as food, grains, and metals, which is interchangeable with another product of the same type, and which investors buy or sell, usually through futures contracts. The price of the commodity is subject to supply and demand. Risk is actually the reason exchange trading of the basic agricultural products began. For example, a farmer risks the cost of producing a product ready for market at sometime in the future because he doesn't know what the selling price will be.

More generally, a product which trades on a commodity exchange; this would also include foreign currencies and financial instruments and indexes.

key performance indicators

KPI. A set of measures that help a company determine if it is reaching its performance and operational goals. Indicators can be both financial and non-financial, and there is no one set of indicators used by all companies. An example of a financial indicator is same store sales for a retail clothing chain, while an example of a non-financial indicator is the benefits created by hiring new executives.

basis trading

An arbitrage strategy usually consisting of the purchase of a particular security and the sale of a similar security (often the purchase of a security and the sale of a corresponding futures contract). Basis trading is done when the investor feels that the two securities are mispriced with respect to each other, and that the mispricing will correct itself such that the gain on one side of the trade will more than cancel out the loss on the other side of the trade. In the case of such a trade taking place on a security and the futures contract, the trade will be profitable if the purchase price plus the cost of carry is less than the futures price. also called cash and carry trade.

futures commission merchant

An individual or organization accepting orders to buy or sell futures or futures options. A person or organization in this role needs to be certified by the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission. A futures commission merchant has a role in the futures market similar to that of a broker in the securities market. In addition to accepting buy or sell orders, the futures commission merchant can also hold their client's money or securities in margin accounts in accordance with the rules of the exchange on which they are trading. The work of a futures commission merchant may also occasionally be carried out by a full service broker.

full ratchet

In venture capital, an investor protection provision which specifies that options and convertible securities may be exercised relative to the lowest price at which securities were issued since the issuance of the option or convertible security. The full ratchet guarantee prevents dilution, since the proportionate ownership would stay the same as when the investment was initially made.

bear spread

An option strategy designed to profit from a drop in a security's price, by selling a near-month futures contract and buying a deferred month futures contract.

ABC agreement

An agreement between a brokerage firm and an employee detailing the rights of the firm when it purchases an NYSE membership for the employee. It is believed to be known as an ABC agreement because the employee can: A) keep the seat if he/she leaves but must buy another seat for an individual named by the firm; B) sell the seat but return the proceeds to the firm; or C) transfer the seat to another employee of the firm.

Proceeds from the sales

Basel II

A document written in 2004 by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, which makes more detailed recommendations for banks, building on its previous document, Basel I. Basel II includes recommendations on three main areas: risks, supervisory review, and market discipline. Many countries and banks are planning on implementing the guidelines set out in Basel II, although it may take as long as the year 2015 for full implementation.

incontestability clause

A provision in a life insurance policy that prevents the insurer from revoking coverage because of alleged misstatements by the insured after a specified period, usually about two years. Of course, this is not a license to commit fraud, and the discovery of fraud will lead the company to contest any claims and possibly pursue criminal charges.

overhead ratio

Operating expenses divided by the sum of taxable equivalent net interest income and other operating income. This ratio shows the proportion of expenses, in relation to total income, that cannot be allocated directly to production of the good or service. Operating expenses include items such as office rent, maintenance of machinery, depreciation costs, etc. In general, companies want to minimize these costs since it is difficult to quantify the revenues generated by undertaking these costs.

Mature, dynamic and honest, sophisticated, efficient,

She lived a careful and frugal life. Arbitrage, ambition,

Failure is not an option! Failure teaches success. So first thing first. Nothing else.

Cat rules. If you refuse, they will be put to sleep. Please order!

Irrespective of what your QC will tell.

I had a question about the BD system, and I apologize if you are not the best person to answer it. Please notify your team to stop at whichever stage it is currently stands.  

just as written in my cover letter sent to HR.

These kind of complex project almost always require this kind of interaction. This is inherent to biology, I would almost say. I don't expect this being the last topic like this we will discuss and, as you rightly said, this requires of course a certain degree of flexibility. In order to avoid bureaucracy, the easiest way is to simply go ahead and then eventually see what positions are still open and not covered by the money allocated to the existing order. I appreciate your flexibility. I think that is the basis for longer lasting partnership.

No one likes wise ass.

I wanted to take an opportunity to follow up with you to see if you have time for a call this week.  I hope to learn more about your evaluation of Jigsaw.

Aboundàabundance, pronounceàpronunciation,

Swell, OK,

European, you are peeing. Point taken! –说得对!she is hot and you are horny. There is no question there. So? I am extra guy. It is the third nipple. You want to trade (exchange)?

Ironical, satiric, words can hurt.

The goal is not inaccessible, just a bit aggressive.  Too little, too late.

Express gratitude to…, acknowledge, attitude, progress, aggressive, progressive,

Evidence, proof, prove, proved, proven, admission, mission. Confess, buddie,

Could I get one cup of coffee? –Who stops you? We belong to each other. Why do you always lie to me? I thought you would believe me. Display great ardor of art.
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